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The first Italian Fintech District is born in Milan

The Fintech District in Milan
The Fintech District in Milan - Comune di Milano

Fintech District, the gateway to the Italian fintech ecosystem, bringing together startups, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, investors and universities, was recently established in Milan, aimed at fostering the development of the future financial industry and the growth of companies in this field.

Fintech District is a community founded and powered jointly by SellaLab, the innovation platform of Gruppo Banca Sella for startups and corporate companies, and by Copernico, the working space platform, aimed at supporting smart working. Fintech District is located in Copernico Isola for S32, Via Filippo Sassetti 32, in the heart of the Milan financial District. It’s a hub in which the main fintech players may work together to support new industrial and commercial partnerships, to attract new investments and to boost the development of the fintech industry, like it was the case for other international realities such as Level39 in London or Station F in Paris.

Goals of Fintech District

Fintech District’s main goal is the creation of a network of stakeholders, part of the most innovative finance, aimed at boosting the growth of the Italian entrepreneurial fabric through open innovation, meetings, sharing of best practices, pooling of services and competences, the creation of new partnerships and the organization of financial training events.

Members of Fintech District are encouraged to actively play a role in the community they are part of, by effectively supporting the development of knowledge and identifying the evolutionary lines of both the business and its regulatory framework. All this by attracting national and international capitals, spreading technologies in support of the new financial business models and fostering the growth of fintech professional talents by offering their services at attractive prices.

The three pillars

Activities of Fintech District are based on three pillars:

- Know-how, the sharing of knowledge between participants in the community and specifically by strategic consultancy companies, business and law firms, marketing agencies, financial companies and institutions in order to help members of the community to create new startups, discover opportunities, protect the intellectual property, identify forms of funding, be aware of the various regulations and so on;

- Technology, i.e.: the provision of technological tools (eg software or platforms) for the ordinary management of activities or technologies enabling new business models;

- Capitals: involving incubators, accelerators, business angels and venture capital funds, even at international level, that may finance new ideas and members of Fintech District.

The Advantages

Joining Fintech District, therefore, means getting tools and opportunities to encourage the creation of new cooperation or strategic partnerships as well as to establish relationships with international associations and partner financial institutions. Members also have access to industry conferences and events to identify the development lines of their projects and of the industry in general, take part to pitch days to identify potential investors or new customers, and still to access to technology solutions that can help to develop their own business model or business ideas.

In order to foster interaction among network participants, members of Fintech District also are dedicated various economic solutions and conditions to get a space in Copernico Isola for S32 , Via Sassetti 32 located in the Isola district, owned by Gruppo Banca Sella and managed in cooperation with Copernico.

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