Two guys with their smartphones in front of a café. The TIMpersonal application allows you to make payments and exchange money

Mobile banking, introducing the new solution by TIM in partnership with Hype


With TIMpersonal the phone company enters the world of money management and smartphone payments


In the picture a postal sorting center located in the city of Hengyang, in the Chinese province of Hunan

The "Made in italy" online shopping opens to China and to the Asian market


The payment gateway of Gruppo Sella, GestPay, is the first to accept payments made by holders of cards issued by the Chinese International Scheme UnionPay. The volumes of purchases originated from China of international goods is of around 30 Euro billion

Open Banking

The entrance of Gruppo Sella's Open Banking offices in Biella

Through APIs Banca Sella opens its own technology platform to companies and start-ups


Introducing by Banca Sella, one of the first «open banking platform» at international level


The Consob HQs in Rome

Quaderni Fintech. Introducing the Consob series that focuses on features and opportunities


The first volume of the series that the Authority had announced at the Fintech District was published. Advantages involve ease of communication and access to markets for the exchange of goods and services by consumers and businesses


A technician working at a Nuceria Group factory

Minibonds, from the market the resources to finance the growth of SMEs


Italian Small and Medium-sized Enterprises are increasingly resorting to the instrument of bond loans to invest, develop and innovate. Gruppo Sella has already carried out 7 issues since 2015

Wealth Management

Launch of the strategic partnership between Banca Patrimoni Sella & C. and Schroders Italia


The agreement announced on September 22nd was approved on February 5th by the supervisory body. The Schroders Wealth Management business was transferred to the Sella Group bank


The 3D printer located in the SellaLab offices in Salerno

In Salerno a new innovation center for companies and startups - VIDEO


Gruppo Sella opens SellaLab also in Campania, after opening in Piedmont, Lombardy and Puglia. New offices will follow in the coming months. In less than 5 years over 200 projects have been reviewed and more than 500 jobs have been created.


The work by Girolamo Giovenone

Giovenone: exibited the unpublished work found - Video


The Adoration of the Child is currently on show at the Pinacoteca Albertina in Turin, then ti will be exposed in Vercelli. Banca Patrimoni Sella has purchased and financed the restoration of this paint


The internal mechanism of a Chubb machine, that is housed at the historic Archive of Gruppo Sella in Biella

When the Chubb machine was used to withdraw money


The ancestor of the "bancomat" Automated Teller Machine was introduced in Italy in 1976 and Banca Sella was among the pioneer banks to adopt it. It was the beginning of a revolution in the relationship with money